6:25 AM came way too soon this morning! And for some reason i woke up at 3, 4:30, and 5:30 AM?? Who knows..

To get me going on my drive to work (I nanny twin, 17-month-old, girls) I put some Honey Oat Puffins in a cup and grabbed a small cup or OJ.

OJ and Honey Rice Puffins

OJ and Honey Rice Puffins

A couple hours later I had a mini WW bagel with a little bit of cream cheese and some water.


Then I went on a 2 mile walk with the girls, followed by a trip to the playground swing set! They were so giggly and were loving the cold weather as much as I was. Not sweating to death on a walk has to be one of my favorite things (especially when I’m pulling a wagon with two little girls in it!). I wish I could post some pictures from our walk and playground adventures but I want to protect their privacy.

After our walk we went into the backyard and the girls got to run around while I caught up on everyone’s blogs on my phone. There are many reasons why I love having a BlackBerry and being able to read blogs in Google Reader on it is quickly becoming another!

After playing outside we came in for lunch. My selections are more limited here since it’s not all of the food I normally have at home. Sometimes it can be challenging to find healthy things to eat. I think I did a decent job today with what I had to work with. For lunch I had:

  • Chicken breast and laughing cow sandwich on WW bread
  • Handful of whole grain Goldfish
  • Mandarin oranges



Please excuse all of the paper plates! I don’t like to make a mess of too many dishes while I’m working. It makes cleaning up at the end of the day longer.

The girls are down for their nap right now but I hear one of them talking to herself. Haha! We’re trying out a new nap schedule (cutting them down from 2 to 1) today so they should sleep for awhile since they didn’t get their usual morning nap. Meanwhile, I’m going to go relax on the couch…

Does anyone have any interesting babysitting stories to share? Last week, one of the girls was sick and I was cleaning vomit and diahrrea the entire day. Disgusting! Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that on a blog about food? haha.

Catch you all later!