Ahh, a fresh start! It’s been a couple of years since I’ve personally contributed to the blog world and I’m excited to get started again! When I started college I thought it’d be a great idea to keep up with my high school friends through blogging. It was a huge success for about a year until we all got too busy to keep up with it. Since then I’ve always wanted to start another blog, but it’s taken me this long (I’m starting my last semester in January) to take the time to get one going again.

So where’d my motivation come from? A few weeks ago I discovered blogs about food and exercising. I’ll be honest: I thought this was a little strange at first. It was an adjustment to see a picture of every meal someone prepared and ate on a blog. I really didn’t see the purpose at first. However, I quickly became addicted to the new ideas, recipes, and products I’d come across through my browsing and reading. Seeing people’s workouts documented online also spoke to me. What a way to hold yourself accountable to working out regularly! Now, I’ll admit that this is something I’ve struggled with through college (as I’m sure many of you can relate to). In high school I was a rower and swimmer (aka, I didn’t have to worry about anything I ate). My first semester of college I started rowing and again, I didn’t have to worry about my diet. But since I stopped rowing it’s been a struggle for me to exercise on a regularly basis. It’s seems like I start, go for a week or two, and stop for one reason or another. Frustrating! Has anyone else ever had a similar experience?

So here I am, jumping on the foodie bandwagon! I couldn’t be more excited to get on board and join this wonderful community I’ve been following for the last couple of weeks. I wasn’t trying to be creepy, but I felt like I needed to get a better grip on what this was all about before committing to it. I hope you understand!

Check out My Story to learn more about me. I’ll be back tonight to share my dinner from last night (which will be leftovers for tonight’s dinner!).